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PLE 1 Student's communication function and skill is limited and uses isolated words or expressions. The student is expected to learn the basic use of words and their meanings to help the student in formulating his/her own ideas to convey his/her thoughts.
PLE 2 The student's vocabulary and communication skill is limited to express simple elementary ideas, thoughts and needs. The student must be able to understand and speak in English with minimal hesitancy using the basic sentence pattern.
PLE 3 The student understands parts of lessons and simple instructions. The student must learn how to provide descriptions and comparison of the things that they see and experience.
PLB 1 The learner has no real emancipation of expression but the student is able to show some flexibility and fluency in asking simple questions and giving simple answers using the basic tenses.
PLB 2 The student is at the pre-emergent level in communicating and possibly emergent in topics that he/she is familiar with but may require repitition of statements for better comprehension.
PLB 3 At this level the student is expected to initiate a conversation with some assistance. He/She can understand and get along conversations with minimal hesitancy and fewer grammar lapses.
PLI 1 The student is able to comprehend most queries and conversations on familiar topics spoken in a clear manner and requires occasional repitition or restatement.
PLI2 The student's ability permits discussion beyond survival and day to day conversations, as well as conversations for leisure. The student must have the ability to construct sentences with the correct past and past participle forms in accordance to the tense being used.
PLI 3 Student's ability to describe and give a concise information is improved but is still limited. The student is expected to learn and apply casual conversations language such as idioms and phrasal verbs.
PLA 1 The student shows some spontaniety in language usage but fluency is still quite uneven. An improved familiarity and a higher range of vocabulary and the tenses of the verbs must be achieved in this level.
PLA 2 The student develops confidence in the use of the English medium. Proper word order is established but errors in making more complex patterns of sentences needs to be corrected further.
PLA 3 Student is able to satisfy most casual and study requirements. There is ease and fluency in the use of the language in communicating and expressing ideas through the macroskills. Continuous learning of vocabulary is still enhanced and developed.